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    Club Kare is open to children entering the 1st thru 6th grade in the 2022-2023 school year. Children who are not currently part of our Kare Youth League or Pearl Prep programs are welcome to apply, they will just need to submit a copy of their most recent report card during the application process.

    Club Kare will operate at Rio Hondo Prep from 7:30 – 4:00 Mon-Thurs with a shuttle to Kare Park at 4:00, finishing at 6:00PM at Kare Park. On Fridays the program will run from 7:30 – 6:00 with outings returning to RHP by 6:00PM.
    Rio Hondo Prep
    5150 Farna Ave.
    Arcadia, CA 91006
    Kare Park
    1417 Arrow Highway
    Irwindale, CA 91706

    START OF EACH DAY – We will start each day altogether next to the flag pole and fountain area at 8:55 for morning camp songs and announcements. Please be sure all students are checked in and ready to participate by then! They won’t want to miss the legendary camp songs and cheers performed by our very own Eric Mosher and Johnny Bolinger every day! Classes will start immediately after the flag salute and announcements. Please be on time!

    ELECTRONIC GEAR – is NOT allowed. This includes personal tablets, cell phones, laptops and more. Club Kare is NOT responsible for those who abuse this rule and end up with broken gear. This is a summer to get away from those computer screens and remember what it’s like to be a kid again with fun indoor and outdoor activities! With that said, we will be using chromebooks and learning computer skills during our classroom activities, especially during our engineering and robotics weeks when they will learn some programming skills. Children will not be allowed to “surf the web” or make their fun tik tok videos at any time during the day.

    CLUB KARE SHIRTS – Each child will receive a Club Kare T-shirt on their first day of attendance. They can wear the shirt any days they want, but they MUST wear their shirts on Friday field trip days. Our neon blue shirts will make it easier to keep track of the kids in a crowd and are necessary for the safety of our group. We also recommend wearing the shirts as swim shirts during water activities to prevent sunburn. We will have sunblock on hand for your children, but please be sure they have a first layer of sunblock applied at home, especially on days we plan to be outdoors!

    FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED – Food will be provided daily. A typical menu might include includes ham and cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, orange chicken, tamales, peaches, chocolate and regular milk, string cheese, baby carrots, bananas and mandarins! Lunch items vary each day. The food is available to children in both Plan A and Plan B. Those who stay the entire day will also enjoy afternoon snacks! If your child does not like the food provided, they may bring their own sack lunch. We discourage parents from sending money to Club Kare with their kids. We are not responsible for any money your child loses.

    COMMUNICATION WITH REMIND APP – Club Kare will be using the REMIND app for future communications. It will include news and events, changes to schedules and more. We will send the link out to those who register. Our Remind system is set up as a one-way communication tool. If you need to communicate with our staff please contact clubkare@kyl.org or call our phone number 1-800-434-7671. Please be aware that some of the original outings will need to change due to the increase in fuel and inflation. We will try our best to provide the best program for your children and still meet our budget. 

    PARENTAL CHAPERONES – We appreciate all the parents who want to volunteer as chaperones to help make Club Kare a success. However, we are not using parent volunteers to chaperone outings this year. We have a trained staff ready to provide an amazing program for your children. For the safety of all our children we also ask that parents do not meet us at outing locations. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to providing the best/safest program for all the children in our program.

    ADDITIONAL REQUIRED FORMS – Once your child is enrolled in Club Kare, please fill out the following forms prior to your first day of attendance:

    1) The Club Kare Health Form
    2) The Kare Youth League Insurance Waiver
    3) The Kare Youth League Concussion Information Sheet

    Click on the link below to sign all three forms:

    MEDICATION – If your child has allergic reactions and requires an EpiPen please be sure to give it directly to our staff along with any additional instructions. Also, if your child has asthma and requires the use of an inhaler, please be sure to make a note of that on your Health Form and provide a functioning inhaler to our staff. We will keep all medication in a secure location with quick access for emergency purposes. Please be sure all medication is up to date. When you click on the link to begin filling out the forms all your personal data is kept secure with the latest in encryption. Your data is never sent through email. If you are more comfortable filling out these forms in person on your first day of attendance you may do that as well. Paper forms will be available when you arrive.

    Thank you for choosing Club Kare for your summer plans and we look forward to providing an amazing program for your children! If you have any questions please send your emails to clubkare@kyl.org.


  • Monday – Thursday Daily schedule (*except the 4th of July week)
    Morning Dolphin Club at RHP
    Lunch – (Morning session may stay thru lunch – must be picked up by 12:30)
    Math/Reading Enrichment Time
    Stivers Center Activities 
    Afternoon THEMED activities
    Travel to Kare Park
    Field Games, Bike/Scooter Fun & Slip-n-slide rotation!
    Afternoon Dolphin Club at Kare Park
    Friday Schedule 
    Morning Dolphin Club at RHP
    Field Trip Day
    Afternoon Dolphin Club at RHP


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