Week 4 - Science Camp (June 27 - July 1)

  • Below is a sample schedule of what we plan to offer this summer for Week 4. All classes, activities and outings are subject to change and we will do our best to provide the best possible program for your children!

    Week 4 - Science Camp
    • Day 1: For the Birds!Campers will learn the basics of bird watching using binoculars and bird cut-outs hidden in the trees and on the ground. We will then use our model feathers to learn about   barbs and barbules and the different functions of feathers in the science lab. Then, play a game modeling different types of bird beaks using forks, straws, spoons and try to pick up different “food” types (marshmallows and jellybeans).  We will end bird day with a short story “Herb the Hummingbird” to remind us to love nature and love others.
    • Day 2: A Bug’s Life!Come see the science lab’s bug collection pinned to perfection. Learn about the parts of an insect and then let’s go on a bug hunt using our insect and butterfly nets. Learn about the life cycle of Ladybugs and their predatory habits. Campers will develop and run an experiment observing live ladybugs and then release them into nature!
    • Day 3: Bloom where you are planted – Plants Breathe?!!! This lab day we will be using leaves and microscopes. We will view stomata, tiny openings that allow gas exchange. Next, let’s remind ourselves about photosynthesis and the power of the sun. We will punch some leaf disks and do an  experiment showing how light will cause a plant to produce oxygen by making them float. We will finish off the day collecting different leaves and flowers around campus and making a piece of artwork using sun print paper.
    • Day 4: DNA discovery – Learn about the molecule that makes each of you so special. Learn about the microscopic cell and the amazing language of life found in the nucleus. Extract DNA from strawberries. It’s messy but it’s so cool. Play a computer game building DNA.
    • Day 1: Chemical Reactions – What happens during a chemical reaction? Get those goggles ready. Let’s do the Old Foamy (aka Elephant Toothpaste) experiment to help us understand!
    • Day 2: Periodic Table Bingo – What is everything on planet earth made of? Learn about the Elements of the Periodic Table and play bingo for some great prizes!
    • Day 3: What’s the Matter? – Use coffee filters to separate the colors in markers and create a beautiful butterfly. Also learn about properties of matter doing the rainbow skittles experiment!
    • Day 4: Acids and Bases – Grind up cabbage juice using a blender. It’s not smoothie day, we are making the perfect indicator to test various household products and their pH. Put on those goggles and see all the colors of the rainbow. Color the pH scale and determine if window cleaner is an acid or a base! Chemical safety is also discussed.
    • Day 1 & 2: Volcano building – Learn about the parts of a volcano and actually make one. We will also talk about the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar.
    • Day 3 & 4: Fossils – Learn about the different types of fossils. We will then track some different animal prints in the mud and then use plaster of paris to make your own fossil. Be a paleontologist!  Learn the tricks of the trade of fossil digging. Carefully remove the chocolate chips from your cookie with very fine tools just like scientists do while unearthing a fossil.