Week 2 - Visual & Performing Arts Camp (June 13 – 17)

  • Did you know that Kare Youth League not only specializes in athletics, but in fact has a rich history in the Fine Arts department as well! Our children have traveled across the country performing musical productions for travelers around the nation! Some of our students have even performed in the White House! Here at Club Kare we would like to continue that proud tradition by offering a selection of classes children can choose from to pursue their talents. Our classes are designed for both the amateur and seasoned artist. We have musical teachers ready to teach your children how to read music and play an instrument. We also have dance and choreography classes for those who want to explore the art of dance. Sketching, drawing and painting classes are also available along with introduction classes in digital media. Come explore the world of visual and performing arts as we take you on a journey to explore your hidden talents!
    Below is a sample schedule of what we plan to offer this summer for Week 2. All classes, activities and outings are subject to change. We will do our best to provide the best possible program for your children!
    Week 2 - Visual Arts Camp