Week 1 - Sports Camp (June 6 – 10)

  • Kare Youth League specializes in developing multi-sport athletes with our year round sports program! This year’s Club Kare Sports Camp will feature all of those sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, baseball and softball. Each camp will focus on helping children develop their skills and learn new techniques for next year’s upcoming seasons! Children will learn from both veteran KYL coaches and high school CIF athletes who know how to find the best in each child. We will run multiple sessions each day, rotating the children between different sports so they experience a variety of sports every day. (Shoes are required for Sports Camp Week. No Sandals!)


    Below is a sample schedule of what we plan to offer this summer for Week 1. All classes, activities and outings are subject to change and we will do our best to provide the best possible program for your children!
    Week 1 - Sports Camp
    Monday & Tuesday Morning (9am-12pm) – Football, Soccer & Basketball
    Football – Our football session will include both offensive and defensive skill sets, with position specific drills from passing and receiving to kicking and tackling. Campers will compete in the quarterback challenge, hitting both moving and stationary targets. They will enjoy the thrill of scoring a touchdown in the running-back obstacle course and showcase their skills in our Pass-Punt-Kick competition. Campers will enjoy a flag football rally! (No equipment is necessary.)
    Basketball – Basketball sessions will feature age and skill specific drills to help each child advance at their own level. Dribbling and passing fundamentals will be covered along with good footwork, shooting techniques and ball handling skills. Children can learn to dribble with both hands, work on their layups or develop that three point jump shot. The campers will enjoy a variety of games and activities each day as they develop their “skill of the day.” Basket heights and ball sizes will be adjusted for different age groups. You may bring your own basketball, but be sure it is properly marked!
    Soccer – Have you ever wanted to bend it like Beckham? Our soccer classes will show you how! Campers will zig zag through cones, kicking the ball with both feet while learning inside and outside foot control. They will learn dribbling, turning, crossing, passing, and shooting skills in an effort to perfect their La Croqueta or Roulette/Spin moves. We will cover the chop, the stepover, the elastico and other fun soccer moves to make you look like a champ!
    Wednesday & Thursday Morning (9am-12pm) – Baseball/Softball & Volleyball
    Baseball/Softball – Baseball & Softball clinics will focus on hitting, fielding and throwing techniques. Have you always wanted to learn how to pitch? This is a perfect opportunity for that! Our hitting practices will feature a homerun derby using tees, soft-toss and live pitching. The children will learn to keep their “eyes on the prize” while developing their swing. Base running skills will be featured along with proper sliding techniques. The younger kids will enjoy some kickball action as well, while the older kids swing for the fences in some tennis-racket-baseball! Get ready to play ball! (Please bring a glove.)
    Volleyball – The six basic skills in volleyball involve passing, setting, spiking, blocking, digging and serving. Each of these skill sets will be reviewed in our volleyball classes in a fun, team environment. Campers will learn both overhand and underhand serving techniques to fine tune that perfect Ace! Beach balls and balloons will be used to help teach the younger children to keep the ball off the ground in fun bump-set-spike competitions. Campers will develop their ball control while passing and learn the proper footwork of a good spike.
    Friday Morning Golf N Stuff – Friday Afternoon Track Meet
    Track Meet – Sports camp will also feature a fun Track Meet on Friday afternoon! Campers will compete in the 50 yard and 100 yard dashes, showcase their jumping skills in the long jump and standing broad jump. Their strength will be tested in the tug of war event followed by a distance and accuracy competition in the softball and soccer kick events. Their accuracy and strength will then be displayed in the javelin and weight ball throw. It’s going to be a day of fun filled excitement!